What is CSST Bonding and Does Your Tulsa or Broken Arrow Home Need it?

Our discussion with Steve from Murray Electric Explains what CSST Bonding is and why you may need it in your home.

I recently worked with Steve at Murray Electric and a client to ensure their home was up to code and ready to sell. One big question came up which I have been hearing more and more around Tulsa and Broken Arrow. CSST Bonding was required to be installed along their gas pipes. The question was what exactly is CSST Bonding and why do I have to have it?

CSST or Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing has been required on new homes around the Tulsa and the Broken Arrow region since 2007, when the national electrical code recommendation for this additional safety measure was adopted. Since then, new Tulsa and Broken Arrow homes are built with CSST Bonding incorporated along gas lines. Home owners seeking to remodel, or to sell their property may need to also include CSST Bonding as an update.

So, what’s so special about CSST Bonding? This is a specific safety measure to help lessen the potential for home gas line explosions which can be caused by lightning strikes. When lighting hits a building, the energy of that bolt will continue to travel until it reaches the ground. If lighting is traveling alongside a metal gas or electrical pipes which are next to one another, it’s very easy for the lighting to arc over from one pipe to the other; if this happens, a gas leak can occur if the pipe is damaged.

This can potentially be an un-detected issue with a pin-size hole being the only damage caused. Yet even this small of a hole can allow gas to leak and collect within a home. Over time if enough gas leaks, it can be ignited by a spark source, serious damages or injuries can result.

In essence, CSST Bonding is an extra safety measure which Steve & Murray Electric highly recommend. It’s one of those better safe than sorry scenarios worth knowing about. Not sure if your Tulsa or Broken Arrow home needs CSST Bonding? You can find out by having a conversation with Steve at Murry Electric yourself. This is one local service where there is a live person on the other end of the phone. With two locations in Tulsa (918-835-9605) and Broken Arrow (918-254-9771), help is just a phone call away. Find more information at their website: www.murrayelectric.com.