Which Inspections are Necessary When Buying a House in Tulsa, OK?

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Buying a house in Tulsa, OK is an exciting time! However, it’s a big process and the steps can become confusing. An important part of the process, which you don’t want to skip, is a home inspection. There are a lot of different types of inspections. Which home inspections should you focus on in Tulsa, OK?

Tulsa has a wide range of properties for sale, including newer homes and older homes. Each property has different needs. It’s best to start with a general home inspection. This inspection will cover roof, structural, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical. The general inspection will uncover any major issues, as well as any problems which may develop over time. In addition, the home inspector can recommend any additional inspections which are needed, such as radon, lead paint, or mold.

Once the inspector presents any major issues, the buyer has some options. They may request the seller to fix any major issues before proceeding with the sale, or they may decide to not buy the house.

What qualities should you look for when choosing a home inspector in Tulsa? First, and foremost, choose an inspector who is licensed. Take the time to meet with a few inspectors. Ask them if they are associated with a professional inspector group and ask to see a sample report.

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Photo Attribution: Mark Moz flicker.com