Does an Alarm System in Tulsa, OK Offer Savings on Home Insurance?


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Does a home alarm system in Tulsa offer cost savings benefits on a home owner’s insurance policy? Also, what kinds of questions should you ask your insurance agent? Join in “The Future of Real Estate” with Darryl Baskin and  Bryan Smith of State Farm Insurance to find out what kind of discounts you can expect.

A home alarm system, with modern features including fire detector, water sensor, and theft protection, could potentially save $20-$30 per month; depending on the size of your insurance policy. This nearly covers the cost of monitoring the alarm! When you factor in the cost and the protection it offers, a home security alarm is worth considering.

There are different levels of discounts, depending on the features your alarm system offers. Talk to your insurance agent about the different levels and savings you can receive. The older basic models make a loud noise after someone breaks into your home. Basically, the culprit doesn’t realize there is an alarm until after the fact. “We now take additional steps promote the security system to deter the “bad guys,” such as signs and cameras. The goal is to not only let people know after the fact, but to prevent it in the first place.”

If you would like more information on how a home security system could save on your homeowner’s insurance policy, contact Bryan Smith at State Farm (918) 481-7283

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When Buying a House in Tulsa, OK, Do Existing Home Alarms Add Value?


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While searching for your perfect home in Tulsa, you may come across houses with security alarms. Many homes offer existing home alarms of varying types, but do they add value to the home? What are the benefits of having a home alarm? Join in the radio show to hear Darryl Baskin and Jason Martin with Titan Alarms discuss the value of existing home security alarms.


There isn’t a lot of monetary value in having the existing, wired alarm; however, there is an emotional aspect to it. The perceived value by the National Real Estate Association for a wired home alarm is $650. There are lots of scenarios which can impact this. Ultimately, perceived value, according to Jason Martin, is when a potential home buyer walks into a house and sees the key pad. There is a positive association when you see the key pad – it makes you feel good even though you don’t yet know what type of features it offers.


Titan Alarms often perform home inspections for home buyers. They are able to look at the alarm system and inform the home buyer of features within the existing alarm. It may be a “basic 311,” which includes 3 doors, motion, and keypad. There may not be a lot of monetary value in the basic model; however, there is still value. The alarm may include additional safety features, such as glass break sensors, motion detectors, and a smoke detector. The safety and security these alarm systems provide is extremely valuable.


Many newer alarm systems include Z-Wave devices which communicate with other devices. For example, the security company can add a water shut off valve; if the house has a water main break, the unit will send information to the security company. The security company can call the customer and inform them, but also turn off the water valve. This is extremely valuable if you are not at home to turn off the water, or if it is in middle of the night. Home automation has become much more affordable; you can add a water shut off valve for less than $300.


The protection which a home alarm provides is valuable. Home alarms protect you from so much more than burglar’s; they protect you from fire, carbon monoxide, and water main breaks. If you are interested in receiving more information on home security alarms, reach out to Jason Martin at Titan Alarms (918) 777-SAFE

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Volunteer with Junior Achievement of Tulsa, OK to Empower Young People, and Make a Difference in the Community!

Junior Achievement (JA) of Tulsa, OK, is a non-profit program which teaches students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, about economics, work preparedness, and entrepreneurship. Junior Achievement is an amazing program to get involved with, and offers a great opportunity for experienced professionals to give back to the community. JA is in need of volunteers to teach, and inspire young people to succeed in today’s economy.

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Junior Achievement teaches everything from the stock market to world economics. One of their flagship programs is a 5th grade curriculum in which students participate in JA Biztown. JA Biztown is a miniature Tulsa inside a building! It includes businesses which represent Tulsa, such as Arby’s, Cox Communications, Linde, and more! They even have a city work crew with cones, barriers, and PSO meters. Inside “mini Tulsa”, the kids apply classroom skills to the real world by “working”, balancing checkbooks, running a business, creating schedules, and even electing a mayor. Through this program, they learn valuable life-skills.


Through this “real-life” experience, kids are able to learn how to think realistically. For example, they choose the kind of car they want to have in the future, and then are taught how much that car actually costs. Along with understanding how much they are earning, kids can then determine if they can reach their goal in buying a car. In mini-Tulsa, they are earning a salary, paying bills, budgeting, and learning the consequences of not paying their bills on time. And this is only one of the programs offered by JA!


Programs such as this teach young people life-long skills. Many of the students don’t have a role model in their life to teach them directly. Junior Achievement programs and volunteers empower these kids to not grow up thinking “life just happens to them”. Instead, this organization helps them to realize they can make a difference in what their future is. They can take their ideas and put them into action. They can make their own life better and help others themselves. In addition, JA takes what is being in taught in the classroom, such as math, science, and history, and makes it relevant. This helps children understand why they are sitting in a classroom to learn, and helps the teachers to connect with students in a different way.


JA needs volunteers with experience in budgeting, finance, and economics. If you are a business owner, and have employees which are looking for volunteer work, consider letting them teach through Junior Achievement. It’s not a big commitment, typically calling for 1 hour per week for 5 or 8 weeks, though there are some longer-term programs as well. The fall session is starting soon! If you have any interest in volunteering, or for more information about Junior Achievement, contact them at

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Spacious, Updated Colonial in Tulsa, OK with Home Office!

6708 S Atlanta Pl., Tulsa, OK

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Space abounds in this beautifully updated 5 bedroom Colonial complete with new 2016-2017 hardwood floor, high efficiency windows, Bosh dishwasher, office Hardie siding and roof. The immaculate kitchen features granite countertops, island, tile floor, and is light and bright with recessed lighting. This spacious home offers 2 bedrooms downstairs, office with separate entrance, and optional 2nd master bedroom upstairs – with private staircase. Additional features include bountiful closet space, formal living, dining family, game rooms, 2 car garage, and fenced backyard. Listed at $300,000

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Advice from a Real Estate Professional on Investing in & Flipping Homes Around Tulsa, OK!

What Do You Need to Know About House Flipping in Tulsa?

Darryl Baskin of “The Future of Real Estate” talks with Andrew Finnefrock about real estate investing, Steve of Murray Electric, and Lori Smalling of Guaranty Abstract Company to offer professional advice on flipping houses around Tulsa.

House flipping is when an investor purchases a distressed house for a low price, repairs and updates the home, and then re-sells it for a profit. There are a lot of television shows featuring people investing in houses by flipping them. They make it look so easy and appealing!  But is it? Andrew Finnefrock is a Real Estate Investor, educator, and flipper, and offers valuable advice on getting started in the home investment business. You can join in at 10 minutes to hear Andrew’s advice on investing and flipping homes.

  1. Be Ready to make Mistakes.

The first suggestion Andrew has is to be prepared to make mistakes your first time. When purchasing your first house to flip, don’t rush into it. Take the time to make the right purchase and be willing to take a loss. The biggest mistake people often make is paying contractors before work is finished. Find the right contractor by interviewing several and getting references. In Tulsa, there isn’t a lot of paperwork needed to become a contractor, so be careful and use a professional who will get the job done.

  1. Is it hard to find investors?

Andrew advises us that it isn’t hard to find financial backing. “You would be surprised to see who is willing to loan money.” The stock market does not provide material backing, and many investors are turning to real estate. The risk is less than other investments, especially in Tulsa, as the Tulsa real estate market is doing great right now.

  1. Don’t Get Attached!

Remember, this isn’t your home. When making decisions on the updates you are going to do, keep in mind that you will not be living there. Do not get too attached, or emotional, or you may risk over spending in both time and cost. Know your market. Know what home amenities are selling and find out which are the best updates that provide a good return on investment. Take the time to meet with a good real estate professional to ensure your investments are on track with the market.

Before meeting with an agent, be sure to download a free copy of “20 Questions You Must Ask Your Next Realtor Before You Sign on the Dotted Line”, available for free at

Andrew has two businesses; flipper/investor and Quick Cash for Homes. If you found you started a project and took on more than you can handle, reach out to Andrew.

How many electrical amps do you need when flipping an older home in Tulsa?

Tulsa, OK is filled with some beautiful older homes. Jennifer Samuelson, an agent with eXp Realty is flipping a home in Owen Park, one of Tulsa’s first subdivisions! The wiring was updated; however when she opened the electric panel, she discovered it was corroded and wants to know the best way to replace it and how many amps the house should have. Join in the radio show at 33 minutes to hear more!

A standard house in Tulsa can’t be built with less than 100 amps; many newer homes have 200 amps. The average home has been using an average of 200 amps; however with more homes becoming green, many are down to 150 amps. As a result, Steve at Murray Electric recommends 200 amps as plenty.

If the electric panel does not appear to be in great shape, Steve recommends that you hire a licensed, reputable electrician to come in and look at it. It is possible for you to change your own circuit breaker; however if you do not feel comfortable doing so, it is better to hire an electrician. When choosing an electrician, always choose a licensed professional. If you attempt to take “shortcuts”, you may end up paying for it in the end. When you choose a licensed professional, you have protection.

For all your Tulsa electrical needs, contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or

Do you need Title Insurance when flipping a home in Tulsa?

Lori Smalling from Guaranty Abstract Company helps us to understand why title insurance is so important! Join in the radio show at 48 minutes to hear more on title insurance!

Title Insurance needs to be in place to protect the future buyer. When you get a loan, the lender is going to require you to get title insurance for them. You have an option to purchase owner’s title insurance as well. If you only purchase lender’s title insurance, then it is only going to protect the lender. It will not cover you, as the owner. An owner’s title insurance policy will provide the protection you need.

This is very important because when you go to sell the home, you need to have a marketable title. A marketable title means your title is clear of issues. As an investor, or home buyer, you want to make sure that when you sell your home, you are not going to have any issues arise – such as someone claiming stake in the property, or a tax lien. If there is an issue with the title, you will not be able to sell the home. This is why title insurance is so important! The insurance company will research the title and ensure the title is clear.

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3510 E 104th Place, Tulsa, OK – 3 bedroom Ranch in country setting in the heart of South Tulsa

8954 W 51st Street, Tulsa, OK – 6 bedroom Colonial on 4.8 acres with luxurious amenities

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Updated 3BR Ranch Style Home in Council Oak Estates Tulsa, OK

3510 E 104th Place, Tulsa, OK

Feel right at home in this beautiful Ranch style home in the heart of South Tulsa. Located on .89 acre corner lot, this one level home features a private master suite extension connected by atrium, updated kitchen, vaulted ceilings, wet bar, 2 fireplaces, office, 3 full/1 half bath, and a large deck that is perfect for entertaining. The professionally landscaped property includes a gazebo and a sprinkler on well for free water. Additional features include a 2 car garage and new roof in 2000. Jenks schools! Listed at $299,000

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20 Questions You Must Ask Your Next Realtor Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Download the 20 Questions ReportThis is the valuable free report that will simplify your decision in electing your next Realtor.  Written to give you, the home seller, powerful and insightful questions to ask as you interview.  Don’t settle for a part-time real estate agent who is “giving real estate a try.”  Use this guide to find the best agent for YOU and your property.

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20 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Next Realtor Before You Sign on the Dotted Line.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home in Tulsa County

What is “the best deal” when listing your home?

Perhaps you have been thinking of adding your home to the Tulsa real estate market, and now you are ready to call an agent. How do you go about hiring a real estate agent who will get you the best deal at the best commission rate? Listen in to “The Future of Real Estate” at the 7:40 mark to hear Darryl Baskin tell you how to get the best commission rate when listing your house for sale in Tulsa.

When you are thinking of listing your home, what do you have in mind as “the best deal”? We often think we are getting a good deal when our home is listed at a low commission rate, but is this true? Consider what your objective is in regards to listing your house. What is your goal? The real objective is to get your home to a closing. If you get a good deal on the commission, but never make it to the closing stage, did you get a good deal? Alternatively, just because you paid the full rate commission, this does not mean you will get “full rate” service.

Take the time to interview your agents and get to know them. Ask yourself if you can trust this person – is this the person you want sitting across from you at closing? Does this person have my best interests at heart? Darryl offers a free report of “20 Questions to Ask Your Agent Today”. To receive a free copy, text Darryl at 918-732-9732.

For more real estate questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732 or

What do you need to know about flood insurance?

When you are in a situation as the people of Houston, Texas presently are, the best thing to do is call FEMA at 1-800-525-0321. This is an unimaginable situation and our thoughts are with the people in Texas. For more information, listen in at 30 minutes to learn more obtaining flood insurance in Tulsa.

Did you know that most home insurance policies do not include “loss of use”? Home owners who live in a flood zone are required to have flood insurance; however, people who do not live in a flood zone, typically do not give it a second thought. As a home owner, flood insurance is something you should consider, even if you are not in a flood zone. There is always a possibility of outside water getting into your home, even if you do not live close to a body of water. In addition, flood insurance does not cost very much. The policy itself is a government policy which is underwritten by your local agent. Call your local insurance agent, or call Bryan Smith at State Farm 918-794-0001, for more information, and pricing.

Transform a Room with Canned Lighting

Many older Tulsa homes don’t provide much in terms of recessed lighting. The good news is that you can easily transform a room with canned lighting.

Join in at 40 minutes to hear more about adding canned lighting to your home. Canned lights are recessed lights which look similar to a can. They are appealing in that they are nearly flush with the ceiling, meaning you do not have fixtures hanging all over your ceiling. Recessed lighting also makes the room feel, and look, bigger.

You may be wondering “how much will this cost”? Steve, at Murray Electric in Tulsa, is able to add canned lights at an estimated $165 per light (including parts and labor). If you wish to have LED lights, that adds an additional $25 per light. Another option is that you can purchase the lights and inserts yourself (based on recommendations from Steve) and Murray Electric can install the lights for you. Murray Electric can send someone to your house to evaluate your needs and provide a quote.

The job in itself may not be a “big job”. If the space exists from previous light fixtures, they can use this space to insert the can light. Otherwise, they will need to cut the sheetrock – a process which they are very careful about. As Steve said, they will not “butcher” your ceiling. They will cut channels and are very considerate of the fact that someone will have to patch up after they are done.

Steve also recommends that you consider adding a whole-house surge protector to protect your circuit board. Lightning does not have to hit your house directly to leave damaging affects; it can hit a transmission line nearby.

For all your Tulsa electrical needs, contact Murray Electric at 918-835-9605 or

Spacious 4BR Home with Mother-In-Law Suite, & 3 Car Garage in Tulsa, OK – Jenks Schools!

10653 S 68th East Ave., Tulsa, OK

This beautiful home features an expansive open floor plan, perfect for entertaining! Complete with vaulted ceilings, central vacuum, and 4 bedrooms, 3 full/1 half baths, including a master suite with 2 person whirlpool. Additional features include a mother-in law suite with separate staircase, and a 3 car garage, with work space. Located on .56 acre, the fenced property includes a large covered patio and gazebo. Listed at $410,000

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Peaceful Living – 55 acre Luxury Tulsa, OK Estate!

7201 W Edison Street; Tulsa, OK

Live in your own sanctuary on this beautiful 55 acre estate, 5 minutes from downtown Tulsa. This stunning home has been exquisitely remodeled featuring high-end details. The kosher kitchen features 3 sub-zeros, Galley sink, and center island. Additional features include 2 master suites with sitting rooms, 2-story living room and fireplace, vaulted ceiling, 6 bedrooms, and 5 full/2 half baths. The fenced property includes a 24 stall barn. Listed at $1,750,000

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Take a Virtual 3D Tour of 7201 W Edison St., Tulsa!