Tulsa Mortgage JUNK FEES: How to be sure you aren’t paying too much in closing costs

Paying too much money in Tulsa mortgage closing costs is a story too many home buyers tell because they weren’t aware how to compare loan costs before they purchased their homes. Dan Newberry, VP of Mortgage Services at TTCU the Credit Union, explains common home loan closing costs for the Tulsa, OK area and how you can make sure you aren’t paying too much money when you buy a Tulsa home.

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Buy Tulsa Real Estate Now?- The Future of Real Estate

Buy Tulsa Real Estate Now?-  The Future of Real Estate

Buy Tulsa Real Estate

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Show Outline

1:50-  John 3:16

10:50-  Buy Tulsa Real Estate?

40:30-  Purchasing Land

44:35-  Insurance Trends for 2015

John 3:16 Mission works with people who have become homeless to get back on their feet.  They also are a great source to help men become the men they need and want to be.  They help get them back into employment, which helps bring their dignity back.  They do not simply provide food and shelter.  They also don’t just provide a hand out.  They are providing a help up for those who’ve been in unfortunately situations.  The people John 3:16 helps, truly want to work but have just had unfortunate situations.  Help John 3:16 restore people.    For information on donating or volunteering with John 3:16 Mission, contact them at www.john316mission.org.


 Is Now The Best Time To Buy Tulsa Real Estate?– The Feds have declared that they will raise consumer interest rate in 2015.  This will affect mortgage rates.  If purchasing is a plan in the near future, many people are considering doing it now.  Some are doing it in order build or buy a new home.  Others are considering business and commercial opportunities. Many years ago, we recall the price of property being at X amount and now we know that the value of the property is worth much more.  That is a reminder that purchasing while rates are low enables owners to own property for less.  Remember to consider if you want to buy a home or build a home that you want to own?  Whatever you desire- commercial or residential- consider when is the best time to buy?  Contact the professionals at TTCU The Credit Union or Darryl Baskin of eXp Realty to help you discover what the best choice is for your family and your situation.  For all your Tulsa mortgage needs, contact TTCU at 918-749-8848 or www.ttcu.com.

Success with Significance is a video series that features interviews with different successful persons.   Lots of great information and information on successful people from the Tulsa area. Visit the link provided to watch.

Purchasing Land in the Tulsa area can mean a big difference in financing options.  The loan options are different.  You can pay cash but for financing things are different.  There is raw land where there is no utilities or buildings.  There is also land with buildings or utilities.  Each requires different financing and different loans.  Contact TTCU for more information at 918-749-8828 or www.ttcu.com

 Tulsa Insurance Trends for 2015– Tedford Insurance is an independent insurance company meaning that we work with different carriers.  As far as pricing goes, many customers have seen insurance prices double or triple in the last couple of years.  Because of the amount insurance has paid out in home claims the last few years (appx $1700 per home) Oklahoma insurance rates and statistics didn’t look good.  Because 2014 was a pretty good year with lower claims, 2015 should level off with pricing.  There are also higher wind/hail deductible trending now.  For many homeowners, this is a change from what their policy was previously.  There is also a trend towards actual cash value on the roof versus paying full replacement value.   When purchasing a home consider the age of the roof, and how the insurance company treats various roofing factors in the policy.   Another thing to consider is that credit score plays a role in the cost of your insurance costs.  There is a strong correlation between late and slow pay and the likelihood of claims.  A great way to help offset this is to keep your credit score in good health and make sure you are not late or failing to pay your bills. For all your Tulsa area homeowners insurance needs, contact Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or www.tedfordinsurance.com.

Tulsa Area Homes For Sale

One Address, Thousands of Homes– Home Guide Tulsa

23405 South 289 West Ave- $480,000- 32 acres, 3 ponds, small island, pool, Morton workshop with concrete slab.

4507 Edgewood Street- $450,000- Sapulpa, 1o acres, Spanish style, custom designed.

3510 North Narcissus Court- $299,000- Battle Creek, golf course, 3648 square feet per courthouse, golf course view.

32271 East 721 Terrace- $145,000- Wagoner, near the lake, second garage/workshop, corner lot.

5923 East 5th Court- $59,750-



Downsizing Your Home

Understand down-sizing your home. Real estate broker, Darryl Baskin, explains how you can save money and be better prepared when downsizing your house. When entering retirement for choosing lower maintenance real estate, you’re often faced with Financial decisions and difficult choices with your personal belongings.

Darryl Baskin is no stranger to this process. Having helped clients for over 25 years, he understands what steps to take what order makes them easier. Whether you’re trying to lower your monthly cost of homeownership, reduce your maintenance, find a home that is easier to navigate without steps, Or simply get closer to friends or assisting caregivers and doctors, you will find it easy to have a plan to execute.

Baskin covers many myths associated with selling a home – especially as they relate to older consumers who have lived in a property for many years and accumulated a large number of belongings. He also covers the emotional aspect many homeowners face realizing so many of life’s memories are associated with our homes.

Enjoy this presentation in its original format as given at a luxury retirement community in Tulsa Oklahoma.

For additional information about selling your home and downsizing in today’s market, contact Darryl Baskin at 918-732-9732 or darryl@darrylbaskin.com

The Future of Real Estate- Preparing Your Tulsa Home For Sale

The Future of Real Estate- Preparing Your Tulsa Home for Sale

Preparing your tulsa home for sale

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Show Outline

5:00- John 3:16 Mission

16:57- Preparing Your Tulsa Home For Sale

29:55- Interest Rates

49:19- Risk Management 101


John 3:16 Mission supports Tulsa area homeless persons.  They provide food, shelter, clothing, and much more to those who have, for many reasons, found themselves without a home.  John 3:16 Mission is not just a hand out it is a hand up as they work to help the homeless back to their feet and be able to provide for themselves.  For more information on John 3:16 Mission contact them at john316mission.org or 918 587-1186.

Preparing Your Tulsa Home For Sale– There are many things that need to happen while preparing your home for sale.  This process can be broken down into bits and pieces so that the process isn’t as stressful, overwhelming, and time consuming.  Read the helpful article at Home Guide Tulsa now and begin the process of preparing your home for sale.  Keep in mind you want to buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home.  If your home is overwhelmed with family pictures of extremely personalized things buyers will have a hard time to seeing themselves there.  It doesn’t mean that there should be no pictures of family but just not too many or walls full of them.  Also, its a good time to get rid of clutter and the things that you don’t use regularly.  You can put these things in storage or if you don’t have tons of stuff, consider putting it in the garage.  If placing in the garage, consider putting it in a rectangular shape where your car would be parked.  This helps buyers visualize a car fitting there.  If you put it up against the wall, the garage will feel smaller. For more information on preparing your Tulsa Home for sale, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9732(Darryl), 918-740-0077 (buyer hotline), 918-258-2600 or www.darrylbaskin.com.

Tulsa mortgage– Rates will be going up.  Rates cannot stay this low forever.  Sometimes it seems like we keep claiming rates will go up but they remain low.  They will go up.  Consider your families needs over the next 5-10 years.  If you will be needing a larger or smaller home or different home needs, consider moving sooner versus later.  Everyone has different needs and the same decision isn’t right for everyone.  Think carefully through your needs and your future goals and plans.  Would a higher house payment be a hindrance?  Will you be stuck in your home if interest rates increase?  Talk to your Tulsa mortgage officer or Tulsa Realtor for some professional advice.  Contact TTCU The Credit Union at 918-749-8828 or www.ttcu.com.

Risk Management 101–  Risk is uncertainty.  MEAT is an acronym we will use for risk management.

If you do a high wire act, there is some risk management that will occur.  Here are some examples….

M- Mitigation- harness myself in-  mitigate the risk of falling.

E- Eliminate- don’t do it.

A-Accept risk- it is what it is- do it anyway.

T- Transfer- pay someone else to do it for you- transfer risk to insurance company.

This is a basic look at risk management but there are other things to consider.  The insurance company may require certain things in order to give you the policy or they pay completely deny the policy.   For more information on Tulsa area insurance contact Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or www.tedfordinsurance.com.


Tulsa Real Estate For Sale

Home Guide Tulsa- One Address Thousands of Homes

6301 East 105 Street- $1,975,000- Jenks Schools, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Full 4 Half Bathrooms

4507 Edgewood Street- $489,000- 10 acres, Sapulpa Schools, Creek County, Gated Community, Spanish Hacienda

4304 East 185 Street South- $349,000- 5 acres, pond with island,

4172 East 47 Place- $149,900- Patrick Henry, Needs some work, Sold As-Is

16535 South 97 East Place- $125,000- Bixby Schools, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms



Preparing Your House to Sell

Preparing your house to sell is a series of simple steps. By starting a few months ahead of time to begin thinking about the simple things you can do to make it look better, you ease the stress and improve your home value with minimal effort.

You can save thousands by educating yourself with this video home sale preparation guide. It’s free and full of preparing your house to sell advice for home sellers and investors.

What most home sellers do is wait until they are ready to list their house for sale before they give much thought to how to stage it or what to do to make it more appealing to hoe buyers. The fact is, you can save a lot of money getting special deals on products and services by simply planning ahead by a few months. Catch contractors in off seasons, look for sales on carpet and paint supplies and appliances too.

Another thing that makes a big difference is the time it takes to process the mountain of information you have to sort through when you list your house for sale; contracts and forms, dates and inspections, coordinating movers, packing to move. Instead of trying to figure it out all at one time, give your brain a chance to mull it over and you will find yourself much happier with your final result. Your real estate professional will also be able to do a better job fro you because you will be better prepared with the questions to ask.

Preparing your house to sell is as simple as these steps. Get it for free.

Lease Purchase Homes in Tulsa

Find a lease purchase home in Tulsa, OK. You could be in your dream home even if you can’t qualify for a home mortgage. It is easy to qualify for Tulsa home for sale with a unique and creative program we offer for Tulsa houses for sale.

As Tulsa Realtors, it is important we give our clients the most flexible options to purchase a home. That is why we offer this lease purchase homes in Tulsa option that gives you the right to purchase without the obligation to purchase. What could be better than that? It only costs $75 to apply and if you qualify, you could be moving into your new home in 45 days.

Contact us here.

Rent to Own Tulsa Homes

Have you wondered how you can own a Tulsa home but your can’t qualify for a Tulsa home mortgage? Why not rent to own Tulsa homes for sale with the right to purchase?

Using creative financing from investors, you can get into a house today that you can call your own through the right to purchase. You don’t have to qualify for a mortgage. You just need to qualify for Tulsa houses for rent. This means you cannot have a felony, a pending bankruptcy, and no history of eviction.

It only costs $75 to apply so contact us to get started today. Your Tulsa dream home could be a rent to own Tulsa homes phone call away. Click here for more information.

What kind of Tulsa home can you own? If it fits in our parameters, we can work with you to own your new home. Find out if you can qualify for this Tulsa real estate for sale program by using this Rent to Own Tulsa Homes program.

Home Selling Contract for Tulsa Home Sellers

What should you know before signing a house selling contract to sell your Tulsa house?
The process of selling a home is always easierWhen you know what to expect.The Oklahoma real estate commission has a Standard contract to help simplify the process. It is what most Tulsa Realtors use. This may not always be the case for selling at home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Though. You should check to make sure before you sign anything.

The Oklahoma real estate commission contract for selling your Tulsa home can be found here. I always advise my Tulsa homesellers to review this paperwork during the time we are listing the property for sale. It gives you more time to digest the information so you’re not surprised when a homebuyer makes an offer.

Where the topic is Home inspections, title reviews, possession date, earnest money, or how you can cancel the contract, there are too many things to consider to simply “wing it” and wait to see what happens. My happiest Home selling clients are the ones who took just a few minutes to prepare themselves with proper expectations for house selling contract terms.

If you have any questions about selling your Tulsa home, make sure you send us an email or call us at the Baskin real estate specialists. 918-732-9732. We can review some of the details of a house selling contract including the terms and strategies to make selling your Tulsa home a simpler process and less stressful.

Home Selling Tips from Tulsa Experts

Have you ever wondered how to get home selling tips from experts so you could be ready for a sale and get more money… Or a faster home sale? So many small things can make a big difference to your bottom line and even be the difference of whether your Tulsa home for sale stays on the market or sells fast.

That’s why you want to get home selling tips and strategies that make you money with easy home selling advice. This simple home selling advice series makes it easy to get your home ready to sell and saves you money on staging your home for sale at the same time.

It’s free and easy videos make it fun. Get started today.

Get started with expert home selling tips!

The Future of Real Estate- Tulsa Condo Insurance

The Future of Real Estate- Tulsa Condo Insurance

Court Appointed Special Advocates–  CASA is an organization that speaks for children that have been placed into state custody.  These kids are generally taken out of their home because of allegations of abuse or neglect.  They are placed in unfamiliar surroundings with people they don’t know.  CASA volunteers are often the only stable person in the life of the child during this time.  Volunteers gather information from everyone involved in the case and give it to the judge so that they can make the best decision for the life of the child.  Training is free!  Contact CASA at www.casa.org for more information on the CASA program.

Safari’s Exotic Animal Rescue–  Safari’s takes in animals that are often pets.  Many people purchase a wild animal for a family member and later realize it was not a good decision and must find a new home.  Other times zoo’s that lose funding and must close must have a new home as well.  They need volunteers and donations to keep the rescue going.  Safari’s isn’t open to the public.   For more information on Safari Zoo visit http://www.safarizoo.com/.

 Tulsa Mortgage– Interest Rates are at almost record lows.  You would have to go back to pre-1939 to find rates this low.  If your interest rate is above 5% you should definitely consider refinancing.  You could possibly even go from a 30 year note to a 15 year not and keep your payment the same while saving10+ years of payments.   Lender fees are only $649 for any mortgage. The experts at TTCU The Credit Union can help you run your figures and payments and ask you questions to help you determine whether refinancing is a good choice for you.  918-749-8828 or www.ttcu.com.

For all your Tulsa real estate needs and questions, contact The Baskin Real Estate Specialists of eXp Realty at 918-732-9742 or 918-740-0077.

Tulsa Condo Insurance–  There is a difference when insuring a condo versus home.  A homeowners policy (stand alone home) uses an H03 policy a renters policy is an h04, and a condo policy is an h06 (combination of a homeowners policy and a renters policy- has shared walled and roof).  With a condo policy the insurance coverage varies depending on the association guidelines and other factors.  Sometimes things such as sheetrock, tile, cabinets, etc are not covered under insurance.   With these types of policies you must know what the association documents say.  Your insurance agent won’t always know all of this stuff.  It may depend on the experience of the agent.  Make sure you are knowledgeable on your own association rules and guidelines and what your insurance policy will cover.  For Tulsa condo insurance contact Tedford Insurance at 918-299-2345 or www.tedfordinsurance.com.


Tulsa Homes For Sale

Home Guide Tulsa- One Address, Thousands of Homes

6196 West 77th Street South-  $985,000- Acreage plus home

23405 South 289th West Avenue- $494,000- Bristow, Morton Barn, Victorian Home,  Pool

7225 East 112th Place South- $375,000- Reserve at Woodcreek, 3586 Square Feet, Bixby Schools

2126 East 60th Place #4-M- $189,000- Great price, condition, size, one level, guard and gate.